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Channell Drywall & Remodeling in Tuscaloosa for all of your home improvement and bathroom remodeling

Employment Opportunties

​a. Drywall Repair

b. Painting

c. Trim Carpentry

​d. Handyman

e. General Repair Work

​f. Maintenance.

​Channell Drywall & Remodeling provides a safe and friendly work place. All of our employees come to work to serve our customers to the best of their ability while being compensated for their time and effort. At Channell Drywall & Remodeling you will master a variety of skills as you perform various trades.

​Candidates for employment must have the following:

​We feel hiring the right person is more important than just hiring someone based on their experience. While in the process of doing whatever is needed in order to facilitate the current project our duties cross many lines. We spend eight hours or more every day working side by side with each other so it is imperative that we like what we are doing and get along with one another. The biggest problem employees have is when one feels like they are doing all the work and even earning part of the other person's pay. At Channell Drywall & Remodeling everyone does their share of the workload. Each person's pay varies based on their skill level and performance, not on getting paid a certain amount because that is what everyone else makes.

a. Valid driver's license

​b. Submit to and pass a background check

​c. Be clean and free of all illegal drugs, as well as, any medication that may hinder their performance physically or mentally

​d. Must be in good physical health

​If this sounds like a company that you would like to work for, please feel free to contact us today.